myASNB Buy And Manage Investment Online Portal

Doing investment for Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad now getting easy when ASNB launch their system called myASNB. From this website, we can view, manage, add more or buy new funds directly as long as we registered to this online portal. For first time user, we need to activate it, they will send TAC to registered mobile number. If the number is outdated or haven’t opened any fund in ASNB, we need to update or registered for first time at ASNB itself or nearest ASNB agent. After that, just follow the step until account is created. Easy and simple.

myaSNB banner

myASNB banner taken from official myASNB portal

Using this online myASNB, we can do top up to existing fund unit, buy new investment fund (which is great no need to go counter to open or buy new fund), or even setup auto investment ( auto Labur), all in single portal. For some investment unit, we also can purchase using EPF account 1. So our EPF account 1 not just stick to public mutual fund. So we can diversify our investment depends on what we need.  Thats how we can manage our investment online just using this myASNB portal.

myASNB list of account

myASNB list of account

What different this myANSB if we compare using other online banking,

  • Using this system no charge. Where online banking charges you depend the bank .Some RM 0.50 some RM 1
  • Online banking only for top up investment, cannot do for new investment.
  • myANSB can view detail transaction each investment fund
myASNB auto Labur menu

myASNB auto Labur menu


myASNB auto labur form

myASNB auto labur form detail

Beside, its also come with mobile app, so please download at your nearest store for more convenient at fingertips.

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