Swimming and Breathtaking View at Maafushi

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Today is gonna be last day here, at magnificent island and Maldives overall. The view, swimming and all surrounding here at Maafushi Island are never be forgotten.

The flight is on the night andĀ  boat at 4pm. We arrange with the hotel to transport us directly to the airport jetty terminal. Before that, we gonna spend the entire day before boat here only. Enjoy the last moment of the sand, the beach, the sea, the wave, the wind of Indian Ocean.

We enjoying the sunrise from the top of the hotel. Sunrise is covered by cloudy cloud. Looks like its gonna be rain. Last night also raining even we didn’t realize it until morning.


Sunrise from top of Arena Beach at Maafushi Island

After buffet breakfast , also included in the fee, we take a morning walk along the seaside and capture more moment. Using eyes and camera.

View in front of Arena Beach Hotel

View in front of Arena Beach Hotel

After that, we going change the clothes and get ready to another wet in the beach. Suddenly heavy rain is coming down and we need to wait around 15 minutes before the weather back to sunny day and ready to have another swimming and breathtaking view here, at Maafushi


Morning rain at Maafushi Island. Quite heavy


Sunny is back and we ready to go wet

As usual, the water is very crystal clear and in the morning, the wave is less than in the evening during the tide time


morning swimming with breathtaking Maldives ocean

After done swimming, cannot take longer time at beach as we need to packing and checkout first, but hotel will keep our bag at the lobby until our boat time at 4pm to go to airport. Hotelier help us to bring our luggage to the lobby. Now its time to hop to another souvenir shop again. Before that, we takeĀ  early lunch at nearby restaurant and enjoy the local cuisine finest for last time at Maafushi Island.

local surrounding when almost tourist going out for activities

local stall operation

Back to hotel around 330 pm and wait for other guest to gather and go to jetty together

luggage transportation vehicle

luggage transportation vehicle to bring our luggage

airport ferry terminal

Male Airport ferry terminal

Male Airport Ferry Terminal surrounding

Male Airport Ferry Terminal surrounding

Maldives- Sunny side of Life

Maldives- Sunny side of Life

Male Airport Ferry Terminal

Male Airport Ferry Terminal

Baggage storage service available at airport if you want to take a round at Male city while waiting the flight. More airport facilities here. As we only have 2 hours left we decide just to stay at airport, and spend there until our flight is called. That how our vacation here, at Maldives is over, but memories remain, the local, food, sea creatures, ocean and the sand.That how we called of our vacation here especially enjoying swimming and breathtaking view here, at Maafushi Island specially.

baggage storage at airport

baggage storage at airport

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