i-Lestari using i-account online Withdrawal

As recent situation, EPF has introduce new type of EPF  withdrawal from account 2 called i-Lestari which allow member to make withdrawal from minimum rm 50 until max rm 500 and it can be done through e-pengeluaran using online i-account

Here are step to apply using EPF online

  1. Login into epf online account .
    • if dont have online account need to apply first
  2. Go to withdrawal menu

    i-account main page and withdrawal menu

  3. Select new application

    Click new application menu for next process

    Click new application menu for next process

  4. Choose withdrawal type. In this case i-Lestari.

    select i-Lestari withdrawal from i-account online

    select i-Lestari withdrawal from i-account online

  5. Key in necessary info. Your bank account is the most important
  6. Submit

Thats all. And wait feedback from EPF regarding your i-Lestari application.

Beside i-Lestari, there also few more option for withdrawal such as first buying house, reduce house loan, education, health, saving more than 1 million and few more from the list and changes based on EPF decision

other withdrawal option available in i-account


Hopefully this step to i-Lestari withdrawal using i-account online (Account 2) from EPF is useful.


Update: EPF has create another page for their customer apply for i-Lestari without hasle. This for anyone don’t have online account or forget password or anything related to login to i-account.

Here the new url specifically for i-Lestari : https://ilestari.kwsp.gov.my/.  New application, check application status and few more info can be found here.

i-lestari page

i-lestari page

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