Sitefinity Create New Field with Module Builder


When i create new field using module builder with Sitefinity CMS, the sync server become restart when sync data is triggered.

What I do

Method 1
  1. Create field in publishing server using module builder
  2. Create another field in sync server using the same step and naming
Method 2
  1. Copy all config from publishing and deploy at sync server, issue still happened when try to sync data.

Its time to ask and get help from Telerik Expert

They come out using these method to fix the issue.

  1. Delete new field in sync server
  2. Export new field setting and config at publishing server. Its to make sure all id created in publishing server are same when import into sync server
  3. Import back the configuration to sync server
  4. No more restart occur when sync triggered.

What really happened

Error was triggered because when sync happened, it read both new field in publishing and sync server which are happend different id. Thats why its read as new data method when sync. I hope this post regarding creating new field with sitefinity cms module builder will help someone who facing same problem with me.

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