Melaka River Cruise

Melaka River Cruise is one of most popular attraction at Malacca. Located at center of the city and river length journey take duration around 40-50 minutes, you can enjoy beauty scenery along the river. Along the riding bot, you can enjoy a lot of mural and painting along the river where the paint at building and house beside the Malacca River.

Malacca River view

Malacca River the view

Melaka River view

Malacca River view

malacca river view

another view of Malacca River

Since i’m stay at near river side hotel( there are a lot of riverside hotel along), i just purchase ticket at hotel and boat or cruise will pickup and sending back at hotel jetty which you don’t need to go to main jetty. In my case, since i’m staying at Wana Riverside Hotel, i just purchase at hotel counter. You can check ticket price here, which if i’m not mistaken, its same price which i purchase at hotel, exclude GST. Just enjoy different view of city. In this case from river instead land.

Im forgot to snap hotel room photo, but overall hotel room is very neat, clean and spacious and the view is superb facing Malacca river and Eye on Melaka. Even though hotel quite old.  Staff respond also very good and friendly. Recommended this hotel for everyone who want stay nearby Malacca river and enjoy the cruise or river along.

There also posting about few places visited that maybe you interested here.

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