Family Trip to Langkawi Island Kedah

Having trip for few times here, and this time decided to write few humble words about the famous Langkawi Island and its nearby attraction when having family trip to iconic Langkawi Island.

SkyCab, SkyBridge, SkyGlide

I think these are main attraction here besides Dataran Lang . Finally i have a change to have a goosebumps for this.


Experience riding single gondola of Langkawi cable car to top of the mountain will thrill you if you are kind of afraid of the height. It separate to 3 station which are base station, middle station and top station.

sky cab bottom station

sky cab bottom station

sky cab on the way to top

sky cab on the way to top

You will exit at the 2nd station and can enjoy scenery there before proceed to another ride to the last  station. At the top station, you will having another great view for the mountain and the sea of the Langkawi Island.

Before you having experience riding the SkyCab, they will bring you experience 3D roller-coaster in 3D Dorm.

first sky cab exchange station

first sky cab exchange station


top station



You can access SkyBridge once you arrived at top station, to going down here, you have option either want to experience nature walk or take a lift aka SKyGlider

It’s another challenge for your afraid of the height, you will walk the bridge length around 125m


path of walk


SkyBridge taken from SkyCab


This is alternative path to going down to SkyBridge. You need to pay extra to use this box. It’s worth it if you are elderly or bring along children where having nature walk will maybe will give you a bit difficulty because of the steps.


view inside SkyGlide


For more info about SkyCab, SkyBridge or SkyGlide, please visit official link :


3D Museum

Located next to SkyCab Ticket Counter, lets experience 3D painting inside the huge hall. There having variety of painting from animal, glamour, imagination,  popular destination, popular people and more to see. Just come and have fun here.




one of the painting



Pantai Pasir Hitam

Honestly, the stunning view of Pantai Pasir Hitam can make me stay all day long here. With beautiful sand and beach, its can be a great escape of the day.




Pantai Chenang

The popular beach at Langkawi Island. With a lot of crowd all the time, activity and booth and shop, mall and restaurant all along the beach, you should came here too. With beautiful sand and feel like walking on the silk. You will get experience you will never forget

Pantai Cenang Beach

Pantai Chenang Beach


Dataran Lang

The famous attraction to capture the moment

the famous Dataran Lang icon

the famous Dataran Lang iconic

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