6 Ways You Can Try To Get Faster Sleep

Some people  having struggle to sleep at night and another struggle to wake up early. Here few tips you can try. Unless you are batman, then nothing you should worry about your sleep.

sleep is for the weak

  1. Workout on daylight
    • When your body tired, its easy to sleep at night, you can take sleep on daylight but not  too longworkout meme
  2. Watching TV
    • Not working for some people, but watching bored movie at least 30 minutes will turn your tv watching you. Always worked for me. LOL

      watching tv

      watching tv

  3. Make schedule for time to sleep
    • This important. Schedule your routine and make habit at least 7 days straight will help you feeling sleepy when the times come. If you always stay late, try to go bed 1-2 hours early for kick start. Its maybe hard for first time, but when your body start to adjust it, you will be okay soonerImage result for tv watching you sleep funny
  4. Wake up early
    • Wakeup early. Before sunrise is better.  Reset and setting back your biology clock . Image result for wake up early meme
  5. Just lay down on the bed
    • Quietly and darkImage result for lay down on the bed meme
  6. Programming
    • Doing coding and debugging will consume your energy a lotImage result for programming if you not tired you doing it wrong

Still not work, then maybe need to google and ask doctor for consultant

disclaimer : all images used here are straightly copied from internet.

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