Xiaomi Vacuum Robot Mi Mijia Review

As current robot vacuum getting older and cannot perform job like before, like now only can running average 30 minute compare earlier 90 minute and few part start to worn out, so i ordered new robot to help me sweeping the floor, this time i chose Xiaomi Vacuum Robot, called Mi Mijia, the first generation. Honestly im very happy with this vacuum. So i decided to review this xiaomi vacuum robot Mi Mijia

Few consideration before buying this, of course im looking for affordable one but come with good quality, and at the same time have some advantage using app, so i decide to go with this vacuum. And order it at AliExpress

xiaomi robot vacuum

mi robot vacuum

First time unboxing it, im quite surprise because of the size is bigger than previous one KK8. And since it direct order from China, so i need adapter to suit the plug, but its not the problem as seller provide the suitable adapter. To review it, its a lot of amazing thing

docking station for xiaomi robot vacuum mi mijia

Docking station aka charger. Suprise with the size too


size comparison between Xiaomi Mi Robot and KK8

size comparison between Mi Robot and KK8


This robot can do job for 2 hour max, before running out of battery. If the job still incomplete, robot will back to dock to charging first and continue unfinish job after fully charged, and it can remember where the last job.

xiaomi robot vacuum mi mijia docking station

docking station aka charger.suprise with the size too

This robot a bit noisy compare to KK8, maybe the size and suction motor is bigger and powerful, but the cleanliness is far better than KK8. Even the trash compartment is bigger, everything is bigger.

charging the xiaomi robot vacuum mi mijia

charging the xiaomi robot vacuum mi mijia


voice pack you can choose for mi robot

voice pack you can choose for mi robot

This robot come with voice, Chinese voice as default. So you need to download the app called Mi Home, and change the language. From the app itself, a lot you can set and do like schedule cleaning, view cleaning history, battery percentage, live cleaning tracking and so on. The sensor on top of body will scan area while cleaning and creating map for cleaning purpose. The way it clean is manageable as you can see on map. How long it take time to clean and area cleaning can be view via app.

floor map, and robot status for mi robot

floor map, and robot status for mi robot

One more feature i like is, i can ask this robot to do cleaning even i’m far away from home. Because this robot can connect to wifi, i just need to press cleaning button and then my robot will do the job at home. Internet of thing (IoT) feature and start to applied to appliance. Smart home era.


some setting reside in app for mi robot

some setting reside in app for mi robot


Beside of these extra feature, it also come with basic features like obstacle detecting and anti-fall sensor to prevent robot falling from upstair. If still not confidence, can buy accessories called virtual wall tape.

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