Mi Band3 Smartwatch Activity Tracking Review

This the newest model of mi band series comes with better screen, OMELED screen, better waterproof even better tracking for step, sleep, heart rate, weather, notification and so on. And i’m about to review this Mi Band3 Smartwatch.

First time unboxing, its comes with Chinese language as default. So, just download and  install Mi Fit app from your nearest store, connect and it will start updating automatically and change default language to english by itself.

I never own previous mi band before so i cannot compare with previous version but what i can tell from the first look, its so elegant

mi band 3 charging time review

mi band 3 charging time

  1. Smart watch
    • The watch size is bold . It’s easier to see at a glance. Twist your hand and the screen light up and automatic turn of for battery saving.
    • The design is not straight forward. The watch is twist around 20degree and the strap itself is start from the end of watch.
    • The screen not just display time but also date and day.

      mi band 3 wearing at wrist review

      mi band 3 wearing at wrist

  2. Tracking, step, sleep, heart rate,
    • Step and jogging tracking is good. More accurate from my previous smartwatch. Might be its more expensive than before.
    • For heart rate, it will continue detect or can detect manual by pressing hold the menu

      mi 3 heart rate detection review

      mi 3 heart rate detection

  3. Weather monitor
    • Can see weather prediction up to 3 days, starting today tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. So pretty cool?
  4. Phone notification, call notification
    • This feature require to always connect with bluetooth. cons it will drained out both device phone and smartwatch

      Mi Band 3 app  review

      Mi Band 3 app

  5. Better waterproof
    • can bring to swimming until 50m, it’s what they claimed. Never bring to swim  but never take it off when taking ablutions
  6. Longer battery life
    • up to 20 days. But wearing for few weeks i can say its only can last 7 days as i turn on hear beat tracking but sync few times a day only

The APP itself, MI Fit comes with a lot of feature and can be sync with google fit.
The handshake and syncing process is so fast within the app and the mi band. I love it unlike my previous smartwatch ,its not as fast as this.

mi band 3 battery monitoring


mi band daily tracking summary


activity summary


Over time i use it, theres i only found 2 things that disappoint me, first the charging port. Its quite hard to make it connect, so sometimes when i charging it, it actually not charging. Thats mean each time i need to charge, i need to make sure its really charging first. Second the strap, now its getting looser and easy to strap off. Its about time to new strap perhaps. So its conclude my review for this smartwatch Mi Band3 smartwatch.


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