How To Watch Iflix on UnifiTV HyppTV

As new Unifi beloved customer, you will have compulsory free account access to iflix for 1 year. But before you can watch it, you need to do few easy setting. These few step  will guide on how to watch iflix on UnifiTV Hypptv STB box so we can enjoy more movies, drama, live or anything shown at iflix. Please follow below step carefully.

Iflix logo

Iflix logo

    1. Setting STB box to connect to wifi. Iflix require wifi instead of default Unifi LAN port.
      • Make sure your box connect to wifi. To check it , go to setting > wireless > tick enable WLAN
    2. How to access Iflix application
      • Go to my application > Iflix,  or
      • Press i button if you already access hypptv/ unifitv. Keep press OK and follow guide. Your Iflix app will do necessary setup. Wait until setup finish
    3. How to check Iflix account status in term expiry or anything related
      • You can check Iflix account status in Iflix app. Go to account status. Your account expiration is there.

Happy enjoy free Iflix  at least for a year. And you can enjoy Malaysia Super League  football live match too. Using these guide will enable you to watch iflix on UnifiTV  Hypptv STB Box.

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