Unifi How To Block Unwanted Device 

To block intruder or unwanted device in our unifi channel, there are few way and this is easier way.

First, we need to scan our network either ‘not our device’ is online or not .There are app for phone called Fing. You can download it on your favourite store for Android or IOS. Once download, you can scan all connected device on your network.


Fing - device connected before and now

Fing – device connected before and now

From the list, you can view device which connected or has connected before , even there are offline now. So you can detect either your network has been breached  by someone or not. Awesome right.

To block intruder, simply click that device and you will have device detail. Get the MAC Address because we want to block it permanently instead of block by IP which usually will change once they reboot their machine or connected to other tower for mobile.

Next step, login into your unifi router, usually . Unless you changed the password, the default login  from factory is

username: admin

unless its different you maybe need to check on internet or with unifi operators


Once login, go to Advance > DHCP Filter. Insert MAC address you get from Fing and click Add.

Thats it, that device is unable to connect to your network anymore. To unblock, just delete the MAC address. Its so easy to block unwanted device from our unifi channel

block unwanted device

block unwanted device


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