Ubuntu Multiple Ways How to Taking Screenshot

If you are running your machine on ubuntu operating sytem, taking screenshot is very easy and fun. There are multiple ways to do it and you can choose any way which suit and easier you most.


1. Using panel tool

Navigate to your home > Accessories > Take Screenshot

ubuntu GUI tool

taking screenshot with ubuntu GUI tool

2. Using Shortcut

Hold print screen button (prt sc) or maybe sometime you need to hold with fn key . eg fn + printscreen. Depends on your laptop or keyboard preferred layout.

3. Using Gimp (my favorite way)

Im not sure GIMP under Windows and Mac having the same features or not. But i like taking screenshot directly with GIMP because it automatically paste your image into editor and you can edit after that if you want. No more 2 or 3 step when taking screenshot using other tools or technique. Yes i like it  most.

taking screenshot with gimp


The best thing taking screenshot with ubuntu is you also can set timing (timer) before it start. Lets say after 5 second you click, then it will starting taking screenshot. This good when you want to switch window to screenshot.


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