Team building at Tadom Hill Resort Banting

Tadom Hill Resorts is well known as Kampung Orang Asli and located at Banting suitable for outdoor activities for personal or group because they have  wide area. For team bonding or team building, these Tadom Hill Resort have variety in term of games, activity,  environment even their facilities from cafe, close and open hut, house, air condition house, playground and ample parking.

For adventure or extreme activities, it can goes to ATV ride, electric go kart, archery or flying fox. This all are ready with some additional fee. We can refer to Tadom Hill Resort website for further info.

Tadom Hill entrance and waterpark

Tadom Hill entrance and waterpark


ATV ready to ride


electric gokart park

For more extreme activities, we can try flying fox which located another side of the waterpark and need to walk and hike a bit to the top. Yes we need to walk.But don’t worry not that far, probably 4-5 minutes walking distance from the flying fox and ATV post.

Tadom Hill center and pool

Tadom Hill center and flying fox booth at the other side

For someone like water sport, they also have bamboo raft, or platform to do summersault stunt if you brave enough or even just taking a swim in the water. No worries life jacket is a must when you entering into water because they have priority for safety. And even they have their life guard on duty.


summersault area and water platform

Tadom Hill pool

Tadom Hill pool

Tadom Hill pool landscape

Tadom Hill pool landscape

For bigger activities and group for team building here at Tadom Hill Resort, they also  have hut, or hall. To occupied more people. Even they have their own restaurant inside. Even they have volleyball, basketball, ping pong  to play. So lot of fun activities to do. Still not enough, you can create your own activities.


Huts ready to rent


Hut and kids playground


Bigger and air-condition house

With lots of facilities, any team building activities for big group should be no problem if you want to try here.

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