Review Modeo and Vono+2 media player

I would like to share experience using usb media player especially for playing movie. The box is Modeo and Vono+2 and both are not having streaming function. So its more for offline usage. Both are product of Innosuply and im quite satisfied with it. So i think i want to review these two box Modeo and Vono+2 media player. This is only my rough personal experience using it.



Using it almost 4 years before remote control is gone forever(throw and crushed by kids). Besides remote control which hard to find replacement, the box is still in good condition as per last play. This model is very cheap but serve high quality and performance. Picture below are details of product


modeo specs and details

image copy from supplier website


pros: Support up to 2 usb device, SD Card, HDMI, 1080p and a lot of file format to play is the reason im very happy with this model

Cons : when remote control is broken or lost, this device become useless too.

Overall: its good for the amateur user like me




vono+2 media player

vono+2 player


After having issue with modeo remote control replacement which hardly find, im decided to bought another media player. So this time im choosing Vono+2. Still using until now, i though its around 3 years old already and the device still steady and healty. Up and running. Here the details of product


vono+2 specs and details

image copy from supplier website


Reason i choose this model this time because there are control button on the box.That’s mean i still can use even remote control is broken or lost(in case remote control replacement hard to find too). LOL

Pros : Control button on the box, Support usb device, SD Card, HDMI, 1080p and a lot of file format to play

Cons : only support 1 usb device

Overall: its still good for the amateur user like me with extra mark for control button on the box



Overall these two products are met what i’m expecting. But of course there are still more better product and model outside. Thats because i’m on tight budget. Get your budget, choose your product. Sure you will be happy. But hopefully this review about modeo and vono+2 media player help you.


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