Meet Google Duo

Google just launch Duo app few days ago. its a simple 1 to 1 video calling for everyone. Its another facetime app or video call app. Lets meet Google Duo.

google duo icon

google duo icon

To get started, there are no separate sign up required, so its just few step and you can dial your contact list directly. Same working method like Whatsapp

If you still haven’t able to download Google Duo, just open play store and find google duo and register and it.They will inform you when its  available to download. Its include me who still unable to download and test Duo.

Based on official google blog , its already launch and maybe take few days to roll out at your country. Hoping it will rolling out in Malaysia very soon.

What wow me its when calling incoming, you can start see the moment event before you pickup. So you will never miss any exciting moment.

youtube source

I will updated when duo is start rolling out in Malaysia and key features when able to test it

Updated :

Finally able to test it. Google Duo is ready to download at Malaysia. Like as per advertise,  user able to see caller face and action even before they pickup the phone. To get started, just key in your current mobile number and they will send you verification code to enter. And that’s all. You are ready to rock

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