How to combine HyppTv UnifiTV remote with TV remote

how to combine unifitv hypptv remote with tv remote

how to combine unifitv hypptv remote with tv remote

For this tutorial  how to combine HyppTv UnifiTV remote with tv remote, make sure you pair both remote side by side or nearby as its involve infrared(IR) reading, no need to point the remote to your tv or android box or HyppTv or UnifiTv. Its pretty easy and require only few minutes of your life. And its only one time setup unless you change the UnifiTV/HyppTv remote or change your beautiful tv. So you need to setup back

  1. First grab HyppTv UnifiTV remote
  2. Press and hold Scan button until red light permanently on
  3. Press the Power button. Red light will blinking
  4. Now your tv remote, press and hold Power button untill red light is stop blinking(do it side by side with your HyppTv UnifiTV or remote head facing each other for better result)
  5. For final step, press scan again at your HyppTv UnifiTV remote to finish the process
  6. Voilaa, your tv power button now ready at HyypTv UnifiTV remote
  7. You need to repeat above process for other button too(TV/AV” ,VOL+/- )

For more detail about HyppTV UnifiTV,  you can found from official website

I wrote few post regarding unifi if you interested

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18 Responses

  1. Karl says:

    I did it, Cheers mate!!!

  2. Lissa says:

    Better place both remote front to front instead of side by side

  3. Azman says:

    Thank u. Best!

  4. Fad says:

    Does not work with my sony smart tv. I dont know why

    • tuanshah says:

      weird. it should be work as long as remote using infrared. try pointing both remote like they kissing each other

  5. Khai says:

    Great thanks!
    Really easy to understand and more accurate compared to the instruction manual given with the player device.

    However, the remotes should face each other, front to front rather than side by side. But still i can understand. Thanks!

  6. Mina says:

    I did it. It works!!Thanks

  7. amir says:

    i have a problem though it works…my hypptv displays smaller resolution on the tv screen…not full screen as before and one more thing is the screen goes blank for few seconds when i change the channel…how to reset to normal again?

    • tuanshah says:

      i think you might need to go to settings in hypptv box. its gear icon located bottom when you turn on the box. and go to aspect ratio /resolution. if still not sure better call tm for technical support

  8. Yus AlKiyuti says:

    it worked dude
    thanks a lot
    I thought u were kidding when u said the volume and Av/TV button need to done separately . but it was true
    thanks man

  9. Zz says:

    Very easy to understand. But i try and error so many times and finally it’s work! The manual step is so complicated to understand. Thanks 🙂

  10. ridzvarn says:

    Thank you for this great sharing. Now its easier to turning ON/OFF TV and STB just on one Remote device. Thumbs up!

  11. Haylen says:

    Can I still use the TV remote control to control my LG TV? Thanks.

  12. Syed Alqudsi says:

    But how to combine HyppTv UnifiTV remote without TV remote?

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