Have You Ever Wonder About Things

have these thing crossed your mind

  1. Do bird cramp while flying?
  2. Where all bird gone when raining?
  3. Can bird flying outer space?
  4. Do fish drown?
  5. Do fish fart?
  6. How fish swim if they blind
  7. How much minimun of water in order fish to survive
  8. Why cat so popular on internet?
  9. What sound will make if the cat don’t purr
  10. What happen if all cat in the world disappear?
  11. Where the shooting star gone when they disappear
  12. What would happen if all people in the world share same feeling? like sad, angry, happy. only one feeling at time
  13. What if human living in the water and fish living in the land
  14. What happen if fun no exist


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