Google Classroom Your Class Assistant

google classroom class assistant

google classroom class assistant

If you want to distribute your assignment, send and get feedback, create group for your class and see everything paperless, real time and easy, you should go to Google Classroom. Oh and its for teacher and student only. Registration are free for google Apps for education. This is your class assistant.

Instead of you using other social media which can messy and unorganized, this is the solution.

There are a lot of benefit for teacher and student.

For Teacher
  1. You can create class student with simple few click. And manage multiple class
  2. Teach together with co-teach a course
  3. Invite student by send them class code or add directly, You also can import a group from google group
  4. Create your rich assignment material. Youtube video, google form, pdf and other item from google drive. A copy or attachment of it can be sent to each student.You can see who’s completed and who still working on it in real time
  5. Prepare before send. Draft it, and send when ready or schedule to blast at schedule date and time
  6. Access anytime. Via web or phone app
  7. Communicate with parents. Teacher can invite parent too monitor
  8. Real time feedback


For Student
  1. All in one. Join the class in one click and have all material at your fingertip on the spot and real time
  2. Start conversation with each other. Communicate private or blast to the whole group. Its real time
  3. Submit assignment. Attach anything, google docs, google drive or link, or even photo you take
  4. Student can cast screen with teacher
  5. Access anytime via web or app

If you are ready for it, sign up here

Hopefully this class assistant from google classroom will make student and teacher more collaborative.

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