Evatronic KK8 robot vacuum part 2

Hello fella readers.

from previous post part 1

Keroro robot is back again, Keroro or its real name Evatronic KK8 robot vacuum with Virtual Wall is doing another perfomance, and great perfomance as always. This time i managed to test another function which i want try it for a long time but because time constraint the option always became no 2 or 3 or …..

First, i want to stress it out, this robot is a very cheap one. Cant compare with other brand like irobot, neato or any expensive brand.


evatronic kk8 robot vacuum

evatronic kk8 robot vacuum


1. Virtual wall
I’m not sure how long the virtual wall is broadcast but seem the robot still cant go through within 2 meter range. Quite good and impress me which i think around 1 meter max

2.Anti-fall detection.
This is really great features. Testing in the coffee table, successful rate is 100% hahaha. not even trying to jump or showing suicide mode. Like having ABS break.This vacuum stopping with confident

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