11 Reason Why You Should Smile Everyday

Here are reason why you should smile everyday

reason why you should smile

smile and the world smile with you

  1. Everyone in the world smile in the same language.
    • Taste of smile are same and everyone know its a smile. Even fake smile
  2. Can cheer up other people day
    • If you ever looking someone with sad/angry face, throw them a smile, it will improve their mood.
  3. Throw away your grumpy face, and others too
    • Of course you cannot smile with angry face. So you need to throw them away first and your smile will start rise and shine.
  4. Easy to socialize
    • People are going easy if you have have easy face and expression. And its begin with a smile.
  5. Easy to approach people and stranger
    • Have you see people/sale person approaching stranger with grumpy face?
  6. Its so easy even baby can do
    • Yup, smile its natural and born inside everyone
  7. Its not harmful
    • Smiling will not hurting anybody, any single body.
  8. Its completely free
    • Its absolutely cost nothing, and you can smile the whole day without need to pay single penny
  9. Increase immune system
  10. Can help stabilize emotion
    • Yup, all people know, with smiling you can turn from sad/angry/etc to happy state.
  11. Its only for moment, but memories remain
    • With a single smile, people will remember forever.

From now, start smile everyday because you need no reason eventually to do it.

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